iFixit Insight iPhone XR Case

iFixit Insight iPhone XR Case

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We know you love showing off the internals of your iPhone with our teardown wallpapers. We also know that you love a working iPhone even more. Now you can display your smartphone’s guts while protecting its real ones with an Insight iPhone Teardown Case. X-Ray vision has never been safer. These cases are made from thermoplastic polyurethane and protect your iPhone from drops, dings, dust, and more. The shock-absorbing technology prevents shattered screens, and the precise cutouts give you easy access to buttons, lightning port, and ringer switch. Each case comes in two options: a Color version, to show off the internal components as if you’d just lifted the screen, and an X-Ray version, which allows you to look straight through the back of your phone at what’s inside.

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  • iPhone XR


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