Important Consumer Information

Listed below is all relevant consumer information we are required by law to provide.

1. Identity and Address of Supplier/Contractor:

iFixit GmbH
Tränkestr. 7
70597 Stuttgart
Tel.: (+49) 711 - 21724068-0
Fax: (+49) 711 - 21724068-9

2. Warranty:

We advise you that in the event of the defectiveness of delivered goods, you are entitled to the statutory warranty rights against us.

3. Right of Revocation:

If you are a consumer, you are entitled to a right of revocation. Information on the right of revocation, the cancellation instructions and the cancellation form can be found at:

4. Detection and Correction of Input Errors

Before submitting your order, your complete order details, such as type and quantity of goods, prices, shipping fees, your address information, and other information relevant to your order are displayed. In case any information is incorrect, you can edit it by clicking on “-1- Shopping Cart” in the tab section and correct the information in this section or remove or change the quantity of individual items before submitting your order. If need be, you can also completely cancel the ordering process. After submitting your order, input errors can only be corrected via email.

5. Technical Steps Leading to the Formation of a Contract

At the end of the ordering process, an order summary containing all relevant information regarding your order is displayed. Not until you have clicked the button “Purchase,” you are issuing a binding contractual statement. This can then be accepted by us in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions.

6. Storage and Accessibility of the Text of the Contract

The text of the contract (the GTC and order details) is saved by us and sent to you via email once you have placed your order. You will have no further access to it at a later point in time. You can, however, print and save the order confirmation before issuing your contractual statement. The GTC can be accessed, saved, and printed via the site at any time.

7. Contract Languages

English is the language of the contract.

8. Delivery Restrictions

We deliver to following countries/regions: Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland , Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland, Norway.

9. Payment Methods:

We currently accept payments via credit card, PayPal (express and standard), Klarna pay later, as well as payments via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

10. General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Please take notice of our General Terms and Conditions as well:

11. Notice Regarding the Return of Used Batteries:

We are obliged to draw your attention to the provisions of the EU Battery Directive concerning the distribution of batteries or the delivery of devices containing batteries.

Our obligation as merchant to accept returned batteries: You may return used batteries to us free-of-charge to he following address. Make sure your shipment has sufficient postage.

iFixit GmbH
Tränkestr. 7
70597 Stuttgart

Your obligation as a consumer to return used batteries: Batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. According to the law, as an end-user you are obliged to return your used batteries. You may return used batteries free-of-charge to the point of sale or another convenient location (for instance at common waste collection points or in retail outlets). It is also possible to return used batteries to the original vendor via post.

Batteries that contain hazardous substances are labeled with a symbol of the 'crossed-out' wheeled recycling bin.

The labelling for hazardous substances is provided next to the recycling bin symbol:

Pb = battery contains lead > 0.0005 percent by weight
Cd = battery contains cadmium > 0.002 percent by weight
Hg = battery contains mercury > 0.004 percent by weight