Nintendo Tools and Toolkits

Open, clean, mod, upgrade, and repair your Nintendo consoles and controllers

Grab an all-in-one Nintendo toolkit, or opt for individual screwdrivers, bits, openers, brushes, and soldering tools for your specific repair. Whether you’ve got a Switch, Wii or any other Nintendo console: Don't let a broken console or controller stop you from saving Princess Peach

Nintendo Switch Toolkit

The essential, premium opening tools and Tri-point screwdriver bits you need for Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con repairs and upgrades.

Pro Tech Toolkit

Stop wasting your time frantically searching for the right tool. With our Pro Tech Toolkit you’re ready for any electronic or hardware repair that comes your way!


No more adhesive battles! With our iOpener, you can quickly and easily remove glued components in electronic devices whether you're a repair professional or beginner.

From £11.99
Essential Electronics Toolkit

The Essential Electronics Toolkit contains everything you need to successfully repair your electronic devices. All the tools come neatly arranged in a handy, compact case.

Tesa 61395 Tape

Custom cut rolls of Tesa 61395 double-sided tape for repair.

From £2.99

A tougher take on a favorite multitool. Safely poke and pry with this tough, firm, and antistatic tool for electronic repair. 5” carbon fiber tool essential for smartphone or tablet disassembly.

From £2.99
iFixit Opening Tool

Plastic tools designed to get you in the tightest cracks, without damaging your treasured devices.

From £1.99
Prying and Opening Tool Assortment

A complete set of opening tools all in one kit, perfect for electronic repairs. For professionals and beginners alike.

Precision Tweezers

Tools for holding and manipulating small and delicate components. Blunt, pointed, and angled versions.


Meet the Jimmy, the ultimate opening tool for everything. Perfect for prying, cutting or detaching.

Clampy - Anti-Clamp

Suction cup pliers for easier phone repair and screen removal, powered by hands-free force application.

Suction Handle

45 mm diameter suction cup is a necessary tool for opening iPhones, tablets, and other devices.