iPhone 5C

iPhone 5c Rear Camera

Replace a 8 megapixel rear-facing main camera compatible with the iPhone 5c. Fix focusing or sensor issues. Part #821-1707, 923-0549.

iPhone 5c Case Button Set

Replace a damaged or missing exterior button face for the power/lock button, volume buttons, and vibrate/ring switch for the iPhone 5c. The internal button switches are not included.

iPhone 5c Vibrator

Replace a malfunctioning vibrating motor in an iPhone 5c and fix problems with silent vibration alerts.

iPhone 5c Home Button Ribbon Cable

Replace a home button ribbon cable compatible with the iPhone 5c. Includes the internal cable and gold contacts for the home button. Part #821-1761-03, 923-0537.

From £13.99
iPhone 5c Front Camera and Sensor Cable

Replace a front camera and sensor cable compatible with the iPhone 5c. Includes the Flex Cable, Front-Facing Camera, Secondary Microphone, Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor.

iPhone 5c Test Cable for LCD and Digitizer

This test cable simplifies connecting and testing LCDs and digitizers for the iPhone 5c.