Pro Tech Diagnostic Module

Pro Tech Diagnostic Module

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Level up your troubleshooting and problem-solving game with this collection of specialized electronics diagnostics tools. This kit includes the same set of diagnostics tools as included in our [/products/repair-business-toolkit|Repair Business Toolkit.]

Part Assembly Includes

This module of the Repair Business Toolkit contains all the tools specialized for diagnosing problems with electronic devices.


  • Digital Multimeter (battery not included)
  • Portable Anti-Static Mat
  • iFixit Battery Blocker
  • Anti-Static Brush
  • Dust Blower
  • Precision Utility Knife
  • Polyimide Tape
  • 2mm wide Tesa 61395 Tape
  • iFixit Screen and Lens Cleaner
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


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