iPhone 7 LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly

iPhone 7 LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly

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The display is the most fragile component of a smartphone. An unfortunate fall, a careless movement and you are the sad owner of the infamous spider app. And this is particularly annoying when your warranty, which generally lasts only two years, has expired. Getting your device repaired by the manufacturer can get really expensive.

Broken iPhone 7 Display—DIY instead of a new purchase

Our motto is: repair it yourself. It’s way easier than you may think. Our iPhone 7 Display Kit includes a compatible iPhone 7 Display with a preinstalled camera and speaker and if you choose the Fix Kit option you’ll also get all the necessary tools. The repair procedure is clearly explained in our step-by-step repair guide.

A repair doesn’t have to be expensive

The iPhone 7 is compact and high-performing with an extremely long lifespan, so, unsurprisingly, it remains one of the most popular smartphones. However, after the expiration of the two year warranty, getting it repaired by the manufacturer can turn into a very costly affair. With our help, though, you can easily do the job yourself. Don’t waste money unnecessarily, grab your tools and get started!

Your advantages at a glance

  • Guaranteed Quality: The functionality of each display is tested before shipping.
  • Easy installation with our step-by-step repair guide.
  • The compact Fix Kit option contains all the necessary tools.
  • This is the perfect choice for your budget and the environment.
  • Lifelong warranty (What does this mean?)

Part Assembly Includes

The assembly includes the LCD display, the digitizer, the front camera as well as the speaker to make the replacement as easy as possible. Every components has been tested to ensure its functionality.


  • iPhone 7 Display (including camera and speaker): The assembly includes the LCD display, the digitizer, the front camera as well as the speaker to make the replacement as easy as possible. We have tested every component to ensure its functionality.
  • Specialty Bits and Bit Driver: In order to access the internals of your iPhone 7 you have tackle a few very special screws first. We’ve included all the necessary bits.
  • Opening-Tools: You’ll need special tools to open your iPhone 7 and remove specific components which are of course included.
  • Tweezers: Keep finger oils off your delicate components. Our Fix Kit contains our ESD-safe tweezers which allow you to safely grab even the tiniest components.
  • Display Adhesive: The display of your iPhone 7 is secured by an additional adhesive strip which not only keeps it in place but also doubles as a gasket to protect your smartphone from water. (Note: Please be aware that after this repair your device will not be 100% waterproof anymore.) The adhesive set contains all the necessary adhesive strips to ensure everything stays put after the repair and functions properly.

Detailed Kit Content

  • New iPhone 7 LCD and Digitizer Assembly
  • iPhone Display Assembly Adhesive
  • iFixit plastic Precision Bit Driver with magnetic bit socket (4 mm), rubberised grip and swivel top
  • 4 mm Precision Bits:
    • Pentalobe P2
    • Phillips #000
    • Tri-point Y000
  • Spudger
  • Suction Cup
  • Angled Tweezers (ESD-safe)
  • iFixit Opening Tool
  • iFixit Opening Picks


  • All iPhone 7 (Not iPhone 7 Plus)


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We offer you the lifetime iFixit warranty on many products. All information on our warranty conditions can be found here.

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