iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max Display Assembly Adhesive

This custom cut adhesive film secures the front screen display assembly to the case of an iPhone XS Max smartphone.

iPhone XS Max Replacement Battery

Replace a dead battery with this new 3174 mAh battery, 3.80 Volts (V), and 12.08 Watt Hours (Whr). This battery is compatible with an iPhone XS Max and does not require soldering.

From £41.99
iPhone XS Max Screen

Replace a front glass digitizer and LCD screen compatible with the iPhone XS Max model A1921, A2101, A2102, A2104 smartphone. Features a 6.5 inch In-Cell LCD Multitouch Display.

iPhone XS Max Battery Adhesive Strips

Use these adhesive strips to secure a battery to the rear case of an iPhone XS Max.

NuGlas Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XS Max/11 Pro Max

Protect your iPhone XS Max or 11 Pro Max screen!

iFixit Insight iPhone XS Max Case

We live to share gadget guts with the world. Now you can show off the insides of your iPhone with a new Insight iPhone Teardown Case.

iPhone XS Max Screen - Original AMOLED

Replace a scratched or cracked front panel glass digitizer screen or a malfunctioning Super AMOLED display.