iFixit Tools Drivers & Kits

Screw Extracting Pliers

Pliers designed to firmly grip the heads of damaged screws. Specially designed jaws firmly grip screw heads, bolts, or nuts allowing you to twist out even the most damaged fasteners. Professional Grade tool. ESD-safe option.

From £17.99
Inspection Scope

Used by the electronics industry to hand inspect solder joints. Bright white LED gives you a better view. In-scope ruler and tool slot for tweezers.

Dust-Free Gloves

Gloves with protective anti-particulate fingertips.

Micro Connector Crimper

Pliers for crimping tiny JST, Tyco, and Molex connectors.

Precision Metric Wrench Set

8 wrenches 3.5 mm to 8 mm with common 1/2 sizes.

From £4.99
Smart Wrench

Adjustable crescent wrench with very thin jaws.

Ceramic Adjustment Drivers

Ceramic screwdrivers for delicate tuning and adjustment