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Self-Repair Manifesto

We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident

Fix the World Sticker

This awesome 3″ Fix the World sticker shows the world that you’re a proud fixer.

Never Take Broken Stickers

Show your friends you don't take broken for an answer!

Never Take Broken T-Shirt

Broken is never the answer

Broken is Never the End T-Shirt

Broken is never the end!

iFixit Mantra Lapel Pin

Show your fixer's pride!

Standard Issue T-Shirt

Represent your favorite online repair community with the Standard Issue Tee.

iFixit Brand Sticker Collection

Vinyl iFixit stickers for all your gadgets.

Fist Emblem Transfer Sticker

Show it proudly with our fist emblem die-cut sticker. Measures 4 inches x 4 inches.

iFixit Logo Decal

Leave your mark on your favorite computer! Or on something else.

iFixit Messenger Bag

Take your tools on the go!

Fix the World Transfer Sticker

Show the world you're on a mission to fix the world with this die-cut transfer sticker.