iFixit Gift Ideas

Find the ideal gifts for the tech lovers in your life. Check out our curated selection of practical presents, including high-quality toolkits, specialty tools, and repair accessories. Whether they're a DIY enthusiast or a gadget aficionado, our gift ideas are sure to delight and inspire. Shop now to make their special occasions even more memorable!

iFixit x Hacksmith Bundle

Our exclusive iFixit x Hacksmith Bundle unites two galactic empires with a special-edition Mini-Saber.

Gamer Bundle

Enter the (repair) game with our Manta Precision Bit Set, FixMat, and thermal paste—plus more gamer goodies.

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Pro Tech Bundle

Our most popular toolkit, plus the Magnetic Project Mat, and limited-edition stickers and patches.

£65.99 Regular price

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Essential Repair Bundle

The Essential Electronics Toolkit and cleaning accessories are your gateway into electronics maintenance and repair.

£38.99 Regular price

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Pro Tech Toolkit

Stop wasting your time frantically searching for the right tool. With our Pro Tech Toolkit you’re ready for any electronic or hardware repair that comes your way!

Manta Precision Bit Set

For once bigger is better. The Manta Precision Set is our most comprehensive bit set with 112 precision bits for absolutely any screw you come across.

Essential Electronics Toolkit

The Essential Electronics Toolkit contains everything you need to successfully repair your electronic devices. All the tools come neatly arranged in a handy, compact case.

Mako Precision Bit Set

With the Mako Precision Bit Set you’ll be prepared to tackle sneaky security screws that come your way.


Organize screws and small parts with iFixit’s next-generation magnetic work mat and dry-erase pen.


Suction cup pliers for easier phone repair and screen removal, powered by hands-free force application.


No more adhesive battles! With our iOpener, you can quickly and easily remove glued components in electronic devices whether you're a repair professional or beginner.

From £11.99

A tougher take on a favorite multitool. Safely poke and pry with this tough, firm, and antistatic tool for electronic repair. 5” carbon fiber tool essential for smartphone or tablet disassembly.

From £2.99