Fairphone Parts

Top+ Module for Fairphone 3 / 3+

Is the audio recording broken? Does the Selfie camera not work properly anymore? Fix these problems with the Fairphone 3 Top+ module, it contains both the front camera and the sensor.

Camera+ Module for Fairphone 3 / 3+

The camera of your Fairphone 3 or 3+ is broken? With this original spare part, you'll be able to capture your memories again.

Fairphone 3 Speaker Module

Replace a broken or damaged speaker in a Fairphone 3 to restore sound quality.

Fairphone 3 Bottom Module

Give your Fairphone back its voice and fix this malfunctioning microphone.

Fairphone 3 Top Module

Sensor on the fritz? Camera not focusing properly? No longer responding at all? Fix it with this Fairphone 3 Top Module, including the front camera and proximity sensor.

Fairphone 3 Camera

Fix a malfunctioning camera on your Fairphone 3 with this original replacement part.

Fairphone 3 Back Cover

Replace the scratched or cracked back cover of your Fairphone 3.

Fairphone 3 Replacement Battery

Easily replace your Fairphone 3 battery.

Fairphone 3 Display Module

Replace your Fairphone 3 screen when its scratched or cracked.