Cleaning Tools

Anti-Static Brush

ESD safe Anti-Static brushes for cleaning sensitive electronics.

From £2.99
Dust Blower

Cleans delicate circuits and hard to reach places.

From £4.99
Detailing Brush

Great for cleaning water damage, thermal paste, corrosion, solder prep, and more.

iFixit Screen Saver

Device-safe cleaner

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Screen safe cleaning cloths

File Set

Assorted jeweler's needle files

From £4.99
Adhesive Removal Kit (Set of 12)

Clear that gunk away.

Cotton Swabs

100 cotton swabs on 6" birch sticks.

Detailing Eraser

A special German made eraser with built in brush. A light abrasive for all kinds of surfaces and contacts.

Fiberglass Scratch Brush

Precision sanding of difficult to reach areas.

From £4.99
Dust-Free Gloves

Dust free is the way to be.