Cleaning Tools

Anti-Static Brush

ESD safe Anti-Static brushes for cleaning sensitive electronics.

From £2.99
Dust Blower

Remove dust, dirt, and grime in no time. Sustainable and durable. For repair professionals and home tinkerers.

From £4.99
Detailing Brush

Great for cleaning water damage, thermal paste, corrosion, solder prep, and more.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Screen safe cleaning cloths

iFixit Screen Saver

This device-safe cleaner is what you need to clean your tech device screen. From phones to laptops to plastic cases, this iFixit Screen Saver is safe for use on all kinds of delicate surfaces.

Adhesive Cleanup Kit (Set of 12)

Pre-soaked pads for removing nasty adhesive residue.

File Set

Assorted jeweler's needle files.

From £4.99
Cotton Swabs

100 cotton swabs on 6" birch sticks.

Detailing Eraser

A special German made eraser with built in brush. A light abrasive for all kinds of surfaces and contacts.

Fiberglass Scratch Brush

Scratch Brushes allow for precision sanding and cleaning of difficult to reach areas.

From £4.99
Dust-Free Gloves

Gloves with protective anti-particulate fingertips.

Norton's Universal Cleaning Stick

Originally designed to assist in cleaning and disassembly of firearms.

From £1.99